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Welcome to the ninth issue of The Blue Nib.

Dave and I are both very pleased with the way the magazine has developed and we feel that it has now gathered a real momentum, with its mix of poetry and features.

As a result, now that we have laid such a stable foundation, we are ready to change the magazine to fortnightly appearances, starting with Issue 10, which will appear on 21st August.

However, please don’t feel that you must wait until the last minute to send your submissions, as I welcome them throughout the coming fortnight so that I can continue to give your work fair and honest scrutiny.

Can I also remind you that we are looking for your submissions to consist of between 3 (minimum) and five (maximum) poems. We are keen to publish a body of work from each poet, rather than single poems, as we feel that this will give you a real showcase for your work.

Now back to the current issue.

We have a very fine poet of the week, Joan McNerney, alongside another mixture of interesting, thought-provoking and challenging poems.

In articles, I have continued to look at the way art and poetry inspires each medium.  Michael Griffith continues to examine the role of prompts in writing, and Phil Dunn looks at the poetry of the Second World War, which is often eclipsed by the poetry from The Great War.

Please let us have your submissions of poetry and articles to make Issue 10 another great issue!


Shirley Bell, Editor


A poet in full flight. Barry Fentiman Hall

Micheal Griffith on Prompts.

The exceptional poetry of Joan McNerney


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