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Welcome to issue 27

Shirley Bell editor introduces issue 27, with a plea to comment on the work of other poets and to support our Poetry For Slav campaign.

John Thompson
Featured Poet John Thompson

John Thompson, has an original voice. He uses exciting imagery and surreal narratives, and his poems have a strong emotional impact.

Chapbook Contest  #3

 Chapbook1. entered the UK Chapbook chart within a week of publication, proving the relevance of this contest to emerging poets. Details of Chapbook 3 in this issue.

Vivien Jones to Judge Chapbook 3

Find out more about Vivien Jones who will judge Chapbook 3. Her first poetry collection – About Time,Too – was published by Indigo Dreams Publishing in 2010. 

Vivien Jones

Sunita Thind’s poetry, with the energetic and sensuous imagery – you can taste the food, see the temple, experience the birth with all its liquid immediacy  – but there are some darker strands too, with the fate of the coconut girl, the religious restrictions, and the disturbing imagery of the moon.

Gordon Meade’s poems have an enormous impact with the pounding emphasis of the repetitions as he evokes the pacing of the caged animals. 

More great poems from Bev Smith, who has been a featured poet. These laconic poems are full of Texan sassiness – see that dog! –  

How to criticise a poem – it takes a lot of courage, but this article  gives a set of essential approaches which give a solid framework for reading and thinking about poems.

Plus Poetry By

Mike Farren
Emily Schiavone
Geraldine Ward