While we have your attention;

The Blue Nib does not charge for access, we do not have a paywall in place like so many other magazines and we do not intend to ever put one in place. Both Shirley and Dave give of their time with no charge to provide both emerging and established poets an audience for their work.

From June to September 2017 The Blue Nib has had no less than 40,000 unique visitors to our site, that is a hell of a lot of readers reading a hell of a lot of poets. We believe that the reason our visitor numbers are so high is because we have been and continue to be discerning in what we publish in each and every issue of the magazine.

Many of the poets who contribute to The Blue Nib are award winning, highly regarded, published poets and we are grateful that they submit their wonderful work to us. But many of our contributors are new emerging voices who are struggling to be heard in a world where poetry is losing ground to video games and social media, we want to contribute to the change in that.

Our ambition is to offer more, as well as an online platform, The Blue Nib aim to publish in print, the work of as many poets as possible. This obviously costs money and to this end we are asking for your help. We are asking those who can afford it, to subscribe to the magazine. A three month subscription costs only fifteen dollars and all subscriptions are used to publish, promote and market the work of our contributors.

Subscribers are entitled to free entry to all our contests including our current Chapbook Contest.