About The Editorial Process

This is just a bit of information about how I approach editing the magazine. Sorry to be so OCD but it will save a lot of grief.


First a word about selection.  I am very sorry that I cannot make individual comments on poems that  I feel are not right for the magazine. These often include really interesting poems, so  please don’t be discouraged from submitting again.  If you read the poems that do appear you will get an idea of what, in my opinion, makes a good poem.  As a quick summary, I dislike over-abstraction and  a lack of immediacy,  and I am looking for a more pared down, less adjectival, vocabulary.  Often a poem only needs your editing to be a contender.
I am getting lots of submissions! If you have not heard anything, your poetry and/or feature is still being considered for the next issue. If your work has been accepted but has not appeared in this issue, it will be published in the following issue.
Please let us have a valid e-mail address (so I can let you know what is happening to your work). I have to have an actual name, as I cannot include you without that, an author biography, and ideally an author photograph.
I do reserve the right to correct spelling and punctuation unless the “mistakes” are intentional.
If your poetry has an unusual layout it often cannot be reproduced correctly in WordPress, which is notoriously flaky about this . There are two options here. One is for me to upload the layout as you want it, but as an image of the text, not the text itself. The other is to let it default to a conventional layout.  It’s helpful if you let me know what your prefer, but I will contact you about this if it is an issue.

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