3 poems by Judy Shepps Battle

Judy Shepps Battle began writing poems long before she became a psychotherapist and sociology professor at Rutgers University. Widely published both in the USA and abroad during the Sixties and Seventies, she deferred publishing to concentrate on career and family. Fortunately her muse was tenacious and she continued to write during the next three decades filling a file cabinet with scrawled and typewritten poems that are now being organized into chapbooks and individual submissions. The material submitted for publication represents her return to active participation in the writing community. She can’t think of a better way to spend her retirement. Her poems have been accepted in a variety of publications including Ascent Aspirations; Barnwood Press; Battered Suitcase; Caper Literary Journal; Epiphany Magazine; Joyful; Message in a Bottle Poetry Magazine; Raleigh Review; Rusty Truck; Short, Fast and Deadly; and the Tishman Review.



Stomach Growling on a Saturday Night

We already ate
what she left
for dinner

Bumblebee Tuna on
on Wonderbread
soggy with mayonnaise

It’s only 6:30

refrigerator is empty
neither of us know how
to use a can opener

babysitter is sleeping
says to play quietly
that she is tired

I’m hungry

Why didn’t Mom
leave some snacks
for later?

Big brother who
just turned seven says

“drink some water
I’m hungry too.”



Too Close

Like Icarus, you
pierce center sun

white-hot wings
burn and betray

melt armor
sear skin and

skewer my
hungry heart.



Lovers Exchange

Winter’s touch stokes naked desire
night magnifies craving

skin caresses erect nipple as half-
asleep we merge seamlessly

“We belong together,” you cry out
body shuddering in intense orgasm

my breath pales to wanton wisp
heart trembles, breath whispers

“I love you Elizabeth”
in passion and in peace.