5 Poems by Dr Sanjib Kumar Baishya

Dr Sanjib Kumar Baishya was born in Assam, a beautiful state in the northeastern region of India. He has been teaching English Literature to the undergraduate students at Zakir Husain Delhi College (Evening), University of Delhi since 2004. He has done his B.A. from Gauhati University, M.A. from the University of Pune, M. Phil from the University of Delhi, and Ph.D. from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. He has published a good number of poems in some of the renowned literary journals such as The Criterion, Lapis Lazuli, Rock Pebbles etc. His poem titled “Discourse of the Diaspora” has been published in The Indian Weekender, a popular weekly published from Auckland, New Zealand. He writes in three languages: Assamese, English and Hindi. He has a unique style of writing. Most of his poems are written in five lines. He looks for subtle images in the ordinary events happening around him. He is going to publish a full-length poetry book by the end of this year.





Bodies, lying lifeless
On borders, and beyond
Are counted
To rejoice, or mourn
And rhetoric rules the world.


Prince of the Pavement
I see a two-year-old
Lying without clothes.
His parents labor
To raise him
A prince of the pavement.


We live in an age
Or liberated
By vocabulary.
Vocabulary defines us.


Lost in some unknown thought
I reached an unnamed spot.
The spot renamed me
And the thought
Abandoned my mind.


Punctuation Marks
Breaking the chains of slavery
The punctuation marks desert
Their designated spaces
And leave the tyrant words
To discover a new idiom.