Editorial Issue 33

A very warm welcome to Issue 33.

Exciting news! After a year of publishing the magazine, we are planning real improvements. First of all, we are now accepting literary fiction. We have published prose poetry in the past and indeed, in this issue,  I have featured the work of Ian C. Smith.

Dave Kavanagh and I still want the magazine to feature fine poetry, articles of interest and reviews but we feel it makes sense to add excellent literary fiction to the mix. We want the

poetry magazine to evolve into a literary journal, and giving room to fiction is an essential part of this evolution.

In this magazine, I have looked at poetry/writing groups and examined how they can enrich the life of a writer. I have invited Maureen Sutton to give a kind of biography of our own group, Pimento Poets, which she set up. I think it is a fine example of a survivor when too many groups die from unexpected changes or apathy. I have also included some poetry from our group.

Now to the poets!

My featured poet is Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon. I love her poems with their powerful insights, and such tender and effective descriptions.

Issue 33 is full of more fine poets. Steve Klepetar has a distinctive voice.  His wry narratives are combined with evocative descriptions. I like the indignation in Rose Mary Boehm’s work, the sense of mystery, the exoticism, and the precise nailing of people. Melissa Mulvihill has great skill at summoning up life’s events in a succinct yet descriptive way, from memory loss to lost phones. Tim Kalbach plays with words and the processes of poetry in his energetic poems. Tracee A. Clapper writes powerfully of the relationship between mothers and children from a dual viewpoint,  as well as giving us a passionate poem about the whore/angel dichotomy in some men’s minds and a sensitive observation of the natural world as a template for human emotion.

In David Subacchi’s work I liked the variety of content – which is refreshing – and the technical skills he brings to bear.  Ian  C. Smith is also a refreshing change with these prose poems with their cool tone, combined with wryness and a momentum which is really effective.

Finally – more exciting news!

My latest poetry collection, The Still Room, New and Selected Poems chosen by Dave Kavanagh is being launched by the Blue Nib in Issue 34, out on the 23rd July. Dave has gone through my poetry and these are his choices from my many years of writing poetry.

It contains 21 New Poems from 2016 – 2018 and 22 Selected Poems from 1982 – 2016, and Dave has written the introduction. So I really hope you will feel that this is a welcome addition to The Blue Nib’s book offerings.

Still to come – and imminent,  Chapbook 2, containing the work of the prize winners from our Second Chapbook Contest – and yet more books in the pipeline.

All best wishes
Shirley Bell




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Oh, Shirley, that news about your new book is very exciting!

I will order a copy the day it becomes available, and wish you all great success for it!