Becoming a Published Writer

  Let's start by ignoring the myths about how difficult it is to get published and instead offer some helpful hints and encouragement to writers hoping to get published. We can't guarantee our advice will turn your manuscript into a bestseller, but hopefully it will help make those first steps easier. At The Blue Nib we encourage new writers by offering platforms that help them develop their craft and achieve credits prior to taking the big leap into publishing a full collection. Building publication credits is a strategy that gets your work out into the world and writers who can show publication of shorter works tend to have an easier time garnering interest in a full manuscript. Building your publication credits is achieved by submitting short stories, poems, or essays to journals and magazines. There are a numerous reasons why publishing your shorter work can help you get ahead. Being published proves you can manage submission deadlines and guidelines and that you are a committed writer. Establishing yourself in smaller markets lays the foundation for a career in lengthier works. If editors publish your shorter works, it shows belief that their readers will enjoy your writing. Not only will publishing your shorter works establish you as a writer but achieving such publications is rewarding and will boost motivation as you put your full manuscript together.