Self Publishing

Should you self publish?
Self Publishing is a route to getting your work into print. It is one which is particularly attractive for poets, and writers of short fiction and literary fiction, where the openings for traditional publication are fewer.

With the rise of dependable print-on-demand outlets, the stigma of “vanity publishing” has passed into history, and writers don’t need to buy and store large stocks of their title.

However, it is still important to make sure that the book is formatted properly and follows the publishing conventions regarding the title page, print and copyright information, acknowledgements, ISBN, contents page(s), and so on. Otherwise the book looks amateurish and puts off potential readers.

The interior of your book also needs to be properly laid out, with consistent header spaces and correct page numbering. Last but far from least, the book needs to be edited for grammar and spelling.

How we can help
The Blue Nib offer a service through online mentoring that will help you with self publishing. We will assist you in preparing your own finished manuscript for publication.

A mentor will work with you to ensure the book is laid out correctly, and copy edited for grammatical and spelling errors in the text. We can also assist with designing the cover.

If you are not fully happy with the content of your manuscript you might consider having friends and family read it or use a an editor to help you to polish it. The Blue Nib offers a competitive line & proof editing service. Contact us at [email protected] for details of services and prices.